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Shark                Turtle

We have really enjoyed getting to know your children. We have seen so many smiley faces coming into school and we are amazed with how quickly they have settled into their new routine already.

In order to help the children feel safe and secure at school, we have introduced them to the different learning areas gradually. They have all now had time to get to know both classrooms really well, have had a yummy lunch in the hall and even played on the big playground. They are fantastic at lining up already!  We are looking forward to exploring our outdoor learning area! How exciting! Don’t forget your (named) wellies…

Our first theme this year is ‘Belonging’. We will be sharing news about home, looking at our family pictures and talking about what makes our families the same or different. The children will be encouraged to create pictures and stories about themselves and their families too.

There will be lots more information to come as we get to know your children and begin to introduce phonics, reading and our online journal ‘Tapestry’. We will of course be arranging meetings to help parents/ carers make sense of it all – don’t panic if it all seems like gobbledygook at the moment – you are not alone!

Lastly, we are always available for messages on the door in the morning, however if you require a longer conversation or greater confidentiality please don’t hesitate to contact the office so that we can arrange a more suitable time for a chat. We are always here for you and your child.

We look forward to a fantastic, exciting, magical, wonder-filled year with your little ones-