Year 2

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Spring 1

Happy New Year from the Year 2 team. We really enjoyed our Victorians topic and are proud of how well the children coped with all the rehearsals and performing in front of a large audience during our nativity.

This half term our topic is called “Healthy Me”. We will be focusing on what humans need to do to be happy and healthy, including having a balanced diet, exercise, sleep and hygiene. In English we will be writing letters to Homer Simpson, rewriting the children’s classic “The Shopping Basket” by John Burningham and writing a non-chronological report about food groups. In maths we will be learning how to recognise and write fractions of shapes, lengths, amounts and quantities, as well as identifying properties of 2D and 3D shapes and counting amounts of money.

We will be visiting Pizza Express in Christchurch and preparing pizzas that the children can bring back to school and eat (yummy)!

Did you know? A 7 year old needs between 9-12 hours sleep a night in order to function at their best the next day.


Autumn 2

This half term has started with a lot of excitement. The children loved the “Big Beginning” and their trip to the Priest House Museum in Wimborne. We have already learnt lots of exciting facts about the Victorians and are excited to learn even more. We are mastering our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and are looking forward to practising for our end of term Xmas Performance in December.

Did you know? Queen Victoria had 9 children and 37 grandchildren. Imagine trying to remember all those birthdays!

Autumn 1
Year 2 had a great first half term learning about habitats. We loved the amazing home learning projects the children produced, from the icy arctic to the sandy deserts.