Early Years

Welcome to Early Years!

“Every child is like a Jewel – individual and precious.”

 Our Foundation Stage puts the children’s interests and achievements at the centre of everything we do. By observing the children we find out what they know and where they need some help. This helps us to plan how to help them move forward in their learning. Our observations also show us what the children are enjoying and want to learn about. If the children are helping to plan and telling us what they want to learn about, they are more likely to learn!

Our Foundation Stage currently consists of a Pre-School, known as Jellyfish class and two Reception classes: the Turtles and the Sharks. Information about what the children are doing in their classes can be found by clicking on the class names.

Our Pre-School is now open! On Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00AM until 3:00PM, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00AM to 12:00PM. Currently you can only use your 15 free hours of Early Education funding. So you may do five mornings or two and a half days or one full day and three mornings. Places are filling fast, so please call us for availability.

If your child attends a full day, you can either bring in a packed lunch for them or pay for hot meals. These will need to be booked in advance with payment to Mr Northover or Mrs Lowe in the main office.

In addition, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, your child can attend our Breakfast club from 8:00AM for £1.50. This can be paid on the door as you drop your child off, but must be booked in advance. Our After School Club is also available until 4:00PM for £3.00, or 4:30PM for £4.50. This also needs to be booked and paid for in advance to Mr Northover or Mrs Lowe.

Have a look at our photos to see the sort of things we got up to last year. Some of the staff may look a little different to their photo on the staff pages!

To the right you can download:

*Welcome to Pre-School 2015-2016

*Welcome to Reception 2015-2016

*Home Gems: Print these out for your child’s Home / School Diary (or collect some more in school).

If you would like to know more please make an appointment to come and have a look round. The children love to tell visitors what they have been doing and will answers many of your questions! (So will our team.)

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