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Netball report 19/1/2018

By Bartosz Wegrzycki

‘As a team Jewell Academy learnt a lot of new rules about High 5 Netball when playing against Ocean Academy on Friday 19th January 2018. It was really, nice to play against a different team and new players. As a team we enjoyed the challenge of playing against other players the same age as us.

I felt both teams tried their very best to attack and defend throughout the game.

Myself and the Jewell team would really like to play again against another opposition to enhance our skills and knowledge of the game’. 


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Through Physical Education, Jewell Academy provides opportunities for enjoyment and achievement, enabling our pupils to be confident, happy and healthy individuals.

At Jewell Academy we offer a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular PE activities including dance, gymnastics, football, tennis, indoor athletics, multi-sports, ballet (upcoming), cheerleading (upcoming), Little Leaders and Change 4 Life. Our extra-curricular clubs are hugely popular with the children, with 51% of the school attending at least one after school activity (January 2015). Children are encouraged to suggest new clubs that they would like to participate in so our clubs are always expanding!

Change 4 Life


Our PE Co-ordinator is Mrs Lincoln and After School Club leader is Mr Brown.

In KS1, we focus on children’s development of key skills targeting locomotion, stability and object control.


Pic 1

Year 1 love the ‘Well Done Corner’!

Pic 2

Reception and Year 1 have also really enjoyed having FA football coaching, with Year 2 looking forward to it after Easter.

Pic 3

In December, some of the children were able to go to Rock Reef on Bournemouth Pier with Mr Brown to do rock climbing.

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At Jewell Academy, we are committed to enabling every child in Year 2 to become more confident and competent in swimming by offering them the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons.


The children started swimming lessons at the Littledown Centre at the beginning of the spring term and will have a weekly lesson until the Easter break. The lessons so far have been fantastic, with the children becoming increasingly more confident swimmers and learning new skills!