At Jewell Academy we believe that Reading is central to all learning and is the key to opening up the futures of every child.  We try to nurture an understanding that Reading can be about enjoying all kinds of texts and encourage our children to read in a variety of forms; we have a well resourced library and a wide range of age appropriate, high quality magazine and newspaper subscriptions which give the children the chance to understand the different structures and vocabulary used within different genres of text.

We want our children to become lifelong readers for pleasure and, as such, we give over large parts of our timetable to Reading. Every child in school has a half hour session for reading/ reading focussed activities each day, either independently, to an adult or as part of a Guided Reading/ Whole Class group. We use a wide range of strategies to encourage pupils to love reading for pleasure. All adults are good role models as readers and show excitement in either the book they are reading for pleasure at home currently or the book they are sharing with pupils in class. We partake in the Summer reading challenge with the local library every year and also have our own extreme reading challenge every other year.

We ensure high quality texts form part of every English unit, with time built into units for children to read the texts and discuss what their thoughts are towards them. This is before they move on to applying skills of analysis, retrieval and inference to what they have read.

Phonics is taught in differentiated groupings throughout Key Stage 1 and for children who need further support in Key Stage 2 we put in place individualised interventions or use WordBlaze and Toe by Toe. Word Blaze is a highly structured multi-sensory Reading programme which is delivered in small groups and can be used to improve reading fluency, embed letter patterns and widen vocabulary. Toe by Toe is a highly structured multi-sensory Reading programme which builds on tiny steps from sounds, words, sentences to paragraphs; this is delivered on a 1:1 basis.

In Year R and in Key Stage 1 the children have one colour-banded book which suits their level of reading. They will be able to select any text from this colour band and will be moved to a different colour when their teacher judges them ready. In addition to their Guided/ Whole Class Reading sessions, we aim for every child to be heard read individually at least once a week by the class teacher or another adult in school. A record of their progress will be kept and targets discussed with the child. The children bring home their reading book every day along with a reading record. We track the children’s Book Band Reading Level termly and, at the end of Year R and Year 1, we ‘Benchmark’ the children’s using what is known as the ‘running record’ method; at the end of Year 2 the children take their Standard Assessment Tasks. 

We support struggling readers in Key Stage 1 through Reading Recovery and the Fischer Family Trust Wave 3 (FFT Wave 3) intervention. Reading Recovery involves a short series of one to one lessons for 30 minutes every day with a specially trained teacher. The programme is different for every child, starting from what the child knows and what he/she needs to learn next. The focus of each lesson is to comprehend messages in reading and construct messages in writing, learning how to attend to details without losing focus on meaning. FFT Wave 3 is delivered on a 1:1 basis and addresses skills and knowledge at word, sentence and text level; Letter and Word work is always immediately applied to reading or writing continuous text. It aims to accelerate learning so that each child makes enough progress to continue to progress through group interventions and whole class teaching. 

In Key Stage 2 we use Accelerated Reader. This program helps teachers manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice. Each child picks a book at his/her own level and, when they have finished, takes a short quiz. (Passing the quiz is an indication that the child has understood what was read.) We also test a pupil’s Reading Age using the AR STAR Reading Test once a term. These are used as one indicator of reading progress.






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Study after study has shown that nothing will have a greater impact on a child’s academic success than developing a love of reading: so we really appreciate the significant commitment JP Morgan has made of supporting our goal that children at Jewell Academy are introduced to the wonders of reading for pleasure and become avid, fluent readers.



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USEFUL LINKS online reading – all of our KS1 children should have a user name and password to access demonstration of a teacher reading with a child videos of professional story tellers and includes hints on how to recreate their story telling techniques. expert help with struggling readers aiming to create a society who are motivated to read