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Springtime Fun for Everyone!


The Spring term came and went so fast! The sun peeked out a few times, but sadly the rain came the most! Not that it matters in Jellyfish – we go outside whatever the weather!

In our photo gallery you can see pictures from:

World Book Week.

And a look at all the fun activities we have been doing Springtime Fun for Everyone


Our Summer Newsletter can be downloaded from the link in the menu on the right hand side of this page.

Pancake Fun

Pancake fun in Jellyfish, take a peek here....


Tortoise Visit

Chase's tortoise came to visit us in Jellyfish. See the evidence here...


January Fun

January fun with new friends, take a look here...

Leaf Hunt

We went on a leaf hunt on the field and found lots of exciting things. Have a look here...



New Year…New Rhymes (and lots of new faces too!)


We have been so busy having fun and learning lots in Jellyfish. Christmas came very quickly and saw us link up with our Reception friends to perform “A Miracle in Town”. We were stars (literally!) performing Twinkle Twinkle on stage all by ourselves.

January saw the start of full days for some of us and lots of new friends too. The children have coped brilliantly with the changes to their days, staying for lunch and new friends that have needed lots of cuddles to help them settle in. We are so proud of how the older children have become real “Heroes”, showing their new friends where things are and what to do.

We have decided to participate in the Bookstarts “The Rhyme Challenge”. We are going to be learning ten rhymes and are planning to perform them in a special show for you. We are also going to have a dress up day before the Easter holidays, where we will come in as our favourite Nursery Rhyme character.

Don’t forget to put some photos on your family tree and bring it back to put in our Family Tree Forest. The children love talking about who is in the pictures and sharing stories about what they have been doing. It’s also a reassuring face if they are missing you!

The latest newsletter can be seen on the right. We also have added our guide to packed lunches. Don’t forget you can also book a breakfast club session 8.00AM – 8.45AM (on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday) for £1.00. This does need to be booked in advance and paid for when you drop your child off. There is also the After School Club 3.00PM – 4.30PM (also on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday). Again this needs to be booked and paid for in advance at the main office.


It all began when the children wanted a shop to play in...
We started to read "Vegetable Glue" and predicted we could buy it in a shop. Asda didn't have any, so we have decided to make our own. We had lots of fun choosing different vegetables and guessing what some of them were. We can't wait to cook and taste them!

We’ve had a fantastic first week, with excitement, tears, worries and joy (and that was just the parents and staff!)

The children have spent their first week getting to know Mrs Head, Mrs Parkhouse-Jones and Mr Brown, as well as each other. Jiggles the Jellyfish has been watching over us all and ready for a cuddle when needed.

If you head over to our media gallery, you can see what we’ve been up to.

Our first topic is “Me!” We are spending the first six weeks ensuring the children have high levels of engagement and involvement (happy and settled!) We have all painted a tree to take home and turn into a family tree, which will be added to our “Forest of Family Trees”.

Jiggles the Jellyfish is getting excited about going home with the children. We cannot wait to see who he will choose first.

We shall be updating this page and our media gallery regularly, so pop back soon and see what we have been up to!

We are so excited!!!

Just before the Summer holidays began, we were lucky enough to meet some of the children that will be joining the Jellyfish class in September as well as some friends that will join us later on in January.

Furniture and resources have started to arrive and the empty room is beginning to become an enticing classroom just waiting for the children to explore.

To find about more about joining us, click here

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