Sapphire 1

Friday 23rd June 2017


Cameron Lowe has been elected as one of our school councillors.  A huge sense of accomplishment! Cameron’s manifesto speech was so genuine and sincere.  Hopefully Cameron’s idea of playground water fountains will happen. Watch this space!

Thursday 22nd June 2017



Billy Bob Buttons came to our school today and shared his expert knowledge of being an author. 

BILLY BOB BUTTONS is the award-winning author of thirteen children's novels including the Rubery Book Award FINALIST, Felicity Brady and the Wizard's Bookshop, the much loved The Gullfoss Legends, TOR Assassin Hunter, TOR Wolf Rising, the hysterical Muffin Monster and the UK People's Book Prize WINNER, I Think I Murdered Miss.


Born in the Viking city of York, he and his wife, Therese, a true Swedish girl from the IKEA county of Småland, now live in Stockholm and London. Their twin girls, Rebecca and Beatrix, and little boy, Albert, inspire Billy Bob every day to pick up a pen and work on his books. When not writing, he enjoys tennis and playing 'MONSTER!' with his three children.

Thursday 15th June 2017

Election Day

Today is election day in our school. Children are being elected in order to create a student council.  In the Sapphires, Maite and Cam have been elected as Year 3 candidates. Their manifesto speeches were amazing. They were so professional and spoke very clearly. Good luck Maite and Cam!

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Monday 6th June

Welcome Back! We hope you had a lovely sunny half term. The Year 3 team are really excited about our new topic which is a performance of William Shakespeare’s, ‘Midsummer Night‘s Dream’.  The topic is titled ‘Bravo!’ Our performance will take place on the Wednesday 12th July at 2pm in the assembly hall.  We look forward to seeing you then.


23rd May - BSO Lighthouse concert – Secret and Codes

This morning we went to the Lighthouse theatre in Poole to see the ‘Secrets and Codes’ performance by the BSO.  This term during music lessons we were learning body percussion and sign language to two the songs the BSO planned to perform. This was truly amazing as we were part of the performance. Thank you to James Redwood the organiser. This was a very special concert.


19th May – Race for Life

This afternoon we raised a lot of money for charity. We ran around the field many times. Some children ran 49 laps! Wow! Well done Jewell Academy!


9th May – Joseph Curry - Author visit

11      12

Joseph Curry is a local teacher and author.  Recently, he had his first children's book published. It is called ‘The Wartime Winger’ and is aimed at children of 8-12 years old. He has a very keen interest in sport and history and in his book he combines his love of football with an enthusiasm to bring events of WW2 to life for young readers.  Thank you for coming to our school!

4th May – Ukulele with Mr. Arthur

This afternoon, Mr. Arthur the ukulele teacher came to teach us ukulele. Mr. Arthur will teach us every Thursday until the end of term.  We hope to put on a live performance at our school music festival! Thank you in advance Mr. Arthur for all your hard work!


26th April – Our School trip to the Winchester Planetarium.

We had such an exciting time at the planetarium!  There was so much to see and do!!  The Winchester Planetarium have developed a range of school workshops in line with the school curriculum.  The Sapphires and Diamonds had so much fun whilst learning about our amazing universe. To check out our photos, click here.


Monday 24th April

Welcome Back!

We hope you had a lovely Easter filled with chocolate and sunshine! This terms topic is titled, ‘I’m a Designer’, where we will design our very own fridge magnet by following the professional design process.  We hope to show off our fantastic fridge magnets during our open classroom at the end of term. Watch this space!



24th March – Red Nose Day

Thanks so much for all your effort today.  We raised a whopping £600 selling cakes, bears, face painting, raffle tickets, pinning a nose on a face and also our mufti day!!  The children had so much fun! The talent show was actually like 'Jewell Academy's got talent'. The children were absolutely AMAZING! To see photos, click here.

30th March 2017 – Easter Ukulele concert

This afternoon the ukulele orchestra performed for the whole school.  They played 4 songs. You could see they had been practising a lot with Mr. Tucker, as they were all able to play in time and sing the words of the songs. Thank you Mr. Tucker for all your time and dedication.


20th March – International Day of Happiness

This afternoon we celebrated the International Day of Happiness.  In our classrooms we designed pictures that made us happy, we wrote happy poems, we sang happy songs and shared our happy stories. We then had a special assembly to celebrate this important day.


8th March –BSO whole school concert

This afternoon the BSO came to our school to play us their amazing music. It was so interesting to learn about all the different instruments and hear how differently the musicians played. It was a truly incredible concert. A big thanks to the BSO!

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7th March – library visit

Today we visited our local library.  The library is really close to our school. The librarian was so helpful and informative.  We were able to choose a book which was kept behind the counter until we collected later with our parents. It was a really inspiring afternoon. Thank you Castlepoint library!


2nd March -World Book Day

Today we celebrated World Book Day.  We had such a fun day. We introduced our book character and explained why we chose this particular character. Everyone looked FANTASTIC! 


1st March - Mindfulness assembly

Today we began practising the skill of mindfulness.  This skill gives our minds a rest after all the hard work our brain does every day.  We are practising this every day after break time.    


The results reported by the Mindful Schools Program are:

·         Better focus and concentration.

·         Raised self-awareness.

·         Decreased stress for pupils and teachers.

·         Improved school-wide culture.

·         Better conflict-resolution skills.

·         Increased calm.

·         Better ways to respond to difficult emotions.

·         Increased empathy and understanding of others.


Monday 6th February - Neil Griffiths - Author

Neil Griffiths came to our school today.  He was truly inspirational! He officially opened our library and read us some of his awesome stories. He was very funny, especially when he made the teachers do silly things!


Thursday 10th February - World Food Day'

Today we celebrated our topic 'Healthy Happy Me' by sharing food from all around the world. We dressed up in clothes from different countries and made labels for each dish we cooked.  We had so many people in our classroom sharing and talking about healthy food.  All of the food was delicious, We even tasted cake with no sugar added!! Take a look here.

Our Healthy Eating School Trips

This week the Sapphires visited two restaurants.  The first restaurant we visited was Wagamama's where we tasted Asian food.  We tasted seaweed,  bamboo shoots,  chinese peppers and miso soup. We also tasted 'green' juices. They were delicious! We had so much fun learning how to use chop sticks. We even got to taste vegetable noodles!  Take a look here.

The next day we visited Pizza Express where we made our very own pizza!  We kneaded the dough, spread aromatic passata and sprinkled mozzarella cheese onto our pizza base.  It only took 4 minutes to cook!  We were very excited to bring our pizza home so we could share it with our families! 

Look here at our photo gallery.

Thursday 5th January 2017

Alex the drumming man came to Year 3 today. We had so much and fun and it was also really exciting! Alex told us we were incredible drummers. We hope to see him again soon. WE LOVE MUSHY PEAS!! Take a look here.

Wednesday 4th January 2016

We hope you had a lovely Christmas break. The Year 3 team are really excited about our new topic, ‘Healthy Happy Me’, focusing on food groups, healthy eating, human and animal skeletons and World Food. It would be great if you could find some time to research these topics and decide which task you will choose for this terms ‘Home Learning project’.

This term we will be learning about-

  • ·        Topic - Healthy eating and world foods.
  • ·        Maths - Multiplying
  • ·        Literacy - Recipe writing and story openers
  • ·        Science - Bones/Skeletons.
  • ·        Computing – Purple Mash
  • ·        Music – Dynamics.
  • ·        P.E (Gymnastics) and games.



Monday 31st October 2016

Welcome Back! We hope you had a lovely half term. The Year 3 team are really excited about our new topic, ‘Heroes’ with a focus on inspiring people who live/lived in Bournemouth. It would be great if you could find some time to research inspiring people from Bournemouth.

This term we will be learning about-


· The history of Bournemouth.

· Place value and Time.                                              

· Myths and legends ‘Talk for writing’.

· Portraits linked to biographies in history.

· Computing

· Music – Sea Shanties and Christmas songs

· P.E and games 

Road to Rio

Olympic fever was still going strong with Year 3 at Jewell Academy. As part of an Olympics-themed day children tried their hands are different activities including fencing, cycling, handball, archery and rowing. The children loved the activities, and showed the Olympic values with their sporting behaviour. Take a look here.

Open Top Bus Tour

As part of our project 'Our Town' discussing the location and geography of Bournemouth, Year 3 classes Diamonds and Sapphires toured the town on a open top bus. All the children loved seeing the city from the top of the bus, and recognising buildings we have been sketching. A favourite part was our stop at Sandbanks beach for lunch and a play in the park. Take a look here.

Tuesday 18th October 2016

Today we went on our school trip!  We went on the ‘City Sightseeing Tour Bus’ around Bournemouth.  We saw all the wonderful buildings we had been learning about in school such as the ‘Russell Cotes Museum’ and the ‘Pavilion’.  Our tour guide ‘Cindy’ was very impressed with the children’s knowledge of Bournemouth.  We stopped off for lunch at the beach, we had so much fun!

1     2



Science Week

Wow! What a brilliant week at Jewell (W.C 17.10.16)! During our first Science week, we had a visit from the exciting Science boffins, we did a range of Science experiments everyday and we have learnt lots of new Scientific vocabulary. Take a look here.


A huge welcome to the brand new sparkling Sapphires!  How exciting that we are now upstairs in the Key Stage two classrooms!  I must say the children look so grown up in their new ties! I am so impressed how sensibly they have settled into their new routine and I admire their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.

In Year three we are very lucky to have two pets!  One is a goldfish called Thomas and the other pet is an African land snail called Shelly. 

1          2

                                                                        Thomas                                                    Shelly

I will be sending a letter home to parents to ask permission for Shelly to be taken home for the weekend (Don’t worry she is very low maintenance, instructions for the care of Shelly will go home with the small tank), I will arrange this on a rota basis.

We will be using a new reward system in our class called ‘Sapphire points’ ask your child to explain how they can earn these points.  The Sapphire and the Jewel of the week will be given special duties alongside sitting on the ‘Presidents table’ for the whole week.

Please have a look at all the exciting learning opportunities this term in the Sapphire and Diamonds newsletter.  Also included is information regarding homework and reading expectations, PE kits and school routines.

I am always more than happy to meet to discuss your child’s progress and development so please do not hesitate to contact me to book an appointment.

I am really looking forward to the new academic year and hope you are too.

Miss Ferris