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We hope you all had a lovely summer and a huge welcome to Jewell.

The children have now all settled into the school routine very well and are showing us how happy they are to be here. We have been very impressed with how eager they are to come to school, looking very smart and ready to learn.

The Early Years Team: (Mrs Taylor, Mrs Jurado, Mrs Wynn, Miss Genner and Mrs Butler) are here to support all children with the foundations of their learning.

Our learning in September 2019: 

‘I am special and others are special to me!’

We have already shared together our brown bag of goodies and read our story ‘Pebble’. 

There once was a pebble on a rocky shore. It was small and round and nearly smooth. The pebble yearns to become special. We talked about what makes us special, played games together and got to know lots of things about us all. We have all decorated our own pebbles with paint and talked to each other about important people and things to us.


Our learning in October 2019:

Dinosaurs, I can hear you roar!


Following our home visits we learnt that Shark’s and Turtle’s love dinosaurs! We found a mysterious egg in the base and one day it had cracked. A letter had been left for us to find. Our next task was to hunt for the dinosaur around the school. “We’re going on a dinosaur hunt and we're going to catch a big one!” We shared our ideas for us to catch and find the dinosaur and we packed our rucksacks, binoculars and plenty of water to hunt for him. We certainly did catch a big dinosaur and he was hiding in our school library reading a really good book!

We are looking after our dinosaur during our discovery time and helping him to make friends. We have now found out all about dinosaurs and sorted lots of dinosaurs according to their similarities and differences. 

This week ‘Archie’ the archeologist is leaving us lots of challenges. We are due to meet a real archeologist on Monday. We hope to find out all about her job in the big wide world. Her name is ‘Grace’ and she will be bringing us some bones and old items that she has found for us to explore. We are all very excited!

During the rest of this half term we will be continuing to focus on getting to know your children individually. This will help us to plan exciting and stimulating play opportunities to further their learning. 



All children should now have a labelled water bottle in school, this is kept at school and refilled by our wonderful water wizards!

Don’t forget to label all items of clothing, especially your children’s jumpers and shoes! The children also need a (named) pair of wellies. This will become essential as the weather gets wetter.

As the end of the School day is a busy time please arrange an appointment at the office to discuss any concerns with your class teacher.

Our ‘Parent first reception meeting’ is Tuesday 15th October at 2.15pm. Please come along to find out about learning that has been happening and how you can support your child at home.

Thanks to all of our parents who are writing messages on their child’s online ‘Tapestry’ journals. Please upload activities, wow moments, play and learning moments via the images and video button from home. This will help inform us of your child’s next steps. 

We will also be hosting parent ‘Trick box’ drop in sessions for you to attend. ‘Tricks’ and ‘techniques’ that we use in school will be discussed, to help support your child’s personal, social, behavioural and emotional development. This will be a fun opportunity for you to pick up our tricks and to help you with your child at home:

*Recognise and self-manage emotions

*Develop mindful awareness and mind-body connection

*Create confident decision making

*Set and achieve positive goals

*Develop communication skills to enhance interpersonal relationships

*Problem solving, resilience and create solution thinking

Please check book bags for further support and information.


Welcome to Early Years!

“Every child is like a Jewel – individual and precious.”

Welcome to Reception! We are so very proud of how well all of our little Jewells have settled into their classes. We have ALREADY explored ALL of the Early Years areas and visited some places around the school. The children have started to follow some our daily routines and we are sure they will continue to learn about ‘Jewell life’ day by day.


Next week we will begin our topic ‘Jewell Rocks’, which will give a sense of ‘Belonging’ and lead into a series of mini topics based on their interests. Through Jewell Rocks we hope to find out more about the children’s interests to inspire learning through ‘Fun and Exciting’ topics.



Early Years Foundation Stage at Jewell:

Our Foundation Stage puts every child’s interests and achievements at the centre of everything we do. By observing our children, we find out what they know and where they need further support. We feel, along with the ethos of the Early Years Foundation Stage, that each child is unique, that their own opinion on their education and achievements is valid and that their individual likes, dislikes and needs must be of the upper most importance at all times. Observing children through their play and interactions helps us to plan and provide for real and relevant experiences to help extend and move every individual forward in their own learning journey.

Our Foundation Stage consists of a Preschool, known as Jellyfish class and two Reception classes: Turtle Class and Sharks Class.

Information about what the children are doing in their classes can be found by clicking on the year group pages. All children who enter the school in the Pre- School or Reception are part of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum has seven areas of learning. These are:

1.jpg     2



Routines, Breakfast and After school clubs:

Our Preschool doors are open from 8.45AM until 2.45PM. Currently you can only use your 15 free hours of Early Education funding. Places are filling fast, so please call us for availability.

If your child attends a full day, you can either bring in a packed lunch for them or pay for hot meals. These will need to be booked in advance with payment to the main office.

Parent Involvement and online Learning Journals:

At Jewell Academy we have a very strong emphasis on Parental Involvement and we ask that our parents take part in observing and planning for their child's activities. We value the support we receive from parents and believe that they can contribute to our children's learning journey. We record daily observations and comments onto Tapestry, an online learning journal unique to your child.  Parents can access their child's journal to view photos, videos and information about what their child has been learning and can add comments and observations themselves. By logging on with a secure username and password you will be able to access your child's journal. Parents are only able to view their own child's journal and all information is stored on a highly secure server, which is monitored closely.

More details of ‘Tapestry’ will follow shortly.


Parent involvement:

Each half term we offer a ‘Fabulous Finish’ celebration for parents to attend. This is an opportunity for parents to celebrate their child’s learning altogether in fun and exciting ways. Parents also have the opportunity to look at their child's ‘Gem book’, the classroom environment and comment on their child’s progress.

During the year we also like to offer informative meetings, workshops and exciting events linked to the children’s topics and learning. The events are aimed to provide you with the relevant information needed to support your child’s learning at home so please look out for further information throughout the year.

Home learning and ‘Bags of Fun’:

We believe that through lots of play experiences shared both at home and at school can give every child the vital skills to communicate effectively. We have created ‘Bags of Fun’ for children and families to explore together. Every other Friday we offer the opportunity for parents and their child to choose a ‘Bag of Fun’ to share and explore together at school before taking home for the week.

The ‘Bags of Fun’ work particularly well in strengthening the relationships between Early Years, our children and our families, they also help to support our children’s social and communicational development. Most importantly they encourage and provide lots of fun and exciting play opportunities for both our parents and children.

More details will follow to inform you of when ‘bags of fun’ begin.