The role of the school Governor is demanding but very rewarding and is a good way to give back to your local community.  School governing bodies are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. Together with the headteacher, who is responsible for day-to-day management, they set the school's aims and policies.

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Jewell Academy Local Area Board

Name Roles & Responsibilities
Lorna Head Principal/Governor
Michael Weinhonig Governor (LA)
Dean Brunton Chairman
Andrew Grimshaw Governor (Parent)
Sandi Robertson Governor (Parent)
Tom Davenport Governor (Community)
Sarah Lowe Clerk to the Governors


South Coast District Board

Name Roles & Responsibilities
Paula Kenning  
Steve Kenning  
Ellen Humphries
Jonathan Heap  
Lorna Head  
Simon Pink  
John Reece  
Richard Tutt  
Ken Rose  
Dean Brunton  
Mark Brocklehurst