We are the Jiggling Jellyfish!



Jiggles the Jellyfish to go with website blurb



So far this half term we have been getting to know each other and are already having a wonderful time, playing together, sharing together (sometimes with a little help from our teachers) and following the routines of the day.  Miss L and Mrs PJ say we have settled in beautifully and are very proud of us! 


We have been learning about ourselves, through talk during circle times, we painted self-portraits (they are amazing!0 using mirrors and talked about similarities and differences, we have painted our feet and measures them to find out who has the longest foot.  We celebrated where we come from with our families, trying new foods from different countries and listening to and moving to music. A big thank you to our parents for their continued support :) 



We also noticed changes going on in the world around us so our teachers decided we should explore further… we spent a week learning the story of ‘The Gruffalo’ and went on  Gruffalo Hunts in the forest. It was so much fun! We developed lots of skills and our confidence in giving new things a go. We used cameras to record what we saw and found... unfortunately no Gruffalo, but lots of autumnal treasures that we talked about and did art with.   We made hedgehogs, being careful to choose materials for purpose and developed language to describe them.  

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