We are the Jiggling Jellyfish!



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Step right up, step right up! The ‘Jellyfish Circus’ is coming to town!! We are beginning this term with a circus theme where the children will learn new skills, in balancing, hand-eye coordination and being a team player, building our friendships and self-confidence in the Jellyfish class. This will lead us to a world of fairy tales… Goldilocks, the Gingerbread Man, Jack and the Beanstalk and the Gruffalo are just some of the characters and magical lands we will be visiting this term. As well as this the children will be celebrating Chinese New year, The Year of the ‘PIG’, St Valentine’s Day, and Easter, where the children will enjoy an Easter egg hunt and LOTS of chocolatey FUN!  It’s going to be so EGGciting!! This will end our first term of 2019!

We have so much more planed for Jellyfish in the  summer term… So watch this space for updates!






We started the year in Jellyfish getting to know each other and looking at how unique we all are, the children enjoyed painting self-portraits and making pictures of their families, these are displayed in our classroom to sharing and celebrate those who are important to us.  The children found many ways to make themselves using and exploring different materials. We learnt about our 5 senses… and learnt new words to describe sounds, taste, smells and touch. We learnt about how things looked and how we could change and manipulate things. The children loved popcorn tasting and came up with some amazing descriptive words.    

We found out where in the world  we live, looking at the stars, planets and Earth, the children enjoyed  finding out about Rockets, some even made their own.. Using REAL tools..! They used skills such as planning, choosing materials and decision making, along with measuring, how to stay safe and much more…


The children celebrated Bonfire night, Halloween, Diwali and the Harvest, finding out where our food comes from and discovering what Healthy Early Years means.

We looked at the changing seasons and what happens to the world around us when these changes come, the children have made a wonderful autumn leaf display in the class.. This prompted the best leaf fight ever in the playground the children had great fun throwing leaves and chasing the staff!

The children especially enjoyed the Festive season, with Santa getting stuck up our chimney!!

The children were amazing in our Nativity which was performed to all the parents, the children worked really hard learning new songs and action. The Jellyfish class blew me away when they all learnt to sing and sign the words to’ We wish you a merry Christmas’ It has been a fantastic start to the year and I can’t wait for more laughing and learning this term!




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