Student Council


Student Council Update May 2019


Student Council Summer Term

This term we have demonstrated our British Value of democracy and called for the voice of the children to speak out about behaviour in the school. We worked as a council to come up with some questions which we could ask. We then went out during playtime and lunchtime to rally up children to complete the questionnaire. As a council we then collated the results to report back to Mrs Head.


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We are going to spread community cheer and raise money for another chosen charity.

We will reach out to the wider community and support our local area in our fun day on the 8th June.

We are looking forward to working with all classes to support Sports Day, revive our garden and be the voice for children in our school.


Student Council Update February 2019

Our School Council wanted to give something back to the community, we decided to raise money for a charity. We asked the whole school to use their right to vote- democracy, to choose a charity in which we can fund. The votes were counted and verified and the chosen charity was Cancer Research UK.


We are holding  events to support this charity including a school disco. We have made posters to advertise, ordered biscuits and drinks, booked DJ Northover, asked children to wear blue and/or pink and to pay £2 which will go towards the charity. 


We are very excited about this event and hope to see many people there.


Student Council Update 30.1.18

Today we have had the exciting opportunity to meet the Mayor of Bournemouth, Councillor Lawrence Williams and Mayoress, Mrs Elaine J Williams. The student council were impeccably well behaved and addressed the Mayor and Mayoress correctly when asking their questions. We learnt that the Mayor represents the Council and the people of Bournemouth, just like our role in school! Please click here to see our photos and updates.



What is the purpose of our school council?

A School Council has been established in our School covering all year groups.  Through setting up the School Council, children have opportunities to be actively engaged in discussion and consultation about aspects of school life and develop their sense of responsibility and belonging as citizens within a community.

The school council is Jewell Academy’s platform for the children’s voices to be heard and listened to.  The School Council Representatives will bring concerns and ideas to meetings which are discussed and actioned upon.  There is a Council representative from each class.  Year 5 representatives have lead roles within the council.

Meet the school Council:



Our school council rules:

The children have set ground rules for their meetings and these are followed at all meetings.

Always arrive on time

Always bring school council minute books

Always bring a pen/pencil

Always wear your School Council Badge

Only 1 person to speak at a time and be respectful to others ideas


School Council Actions: 

The School Council have their own display board which they help to keep up-to date.

The School Council are now working on these main areas:

· - Raising money and researching into installing outside school water fountains for all children at school.

· - Working with the playground leaders to set up lunchtime clubs and listen to children’s ideas.

· - Having ‘Talking Tables’ sessions during lunchtimes, to listen to and respond to both adults and pupil’s ideas, issues and concerns. To raise these with the school Principal