Year 6


 Spring 2

Exciting times in Year 6! We are working hard to be ready for the big move to Secondary School, academically, socially and emotionally. A major part of this is our new Year 6 behaviour policy and Prep for Learning cards. This policy has been designed to match our local secondary schools, and will really help our children to hit the ground running and be successful in Year 7. The children are rapidly earning house points, with the aim of gaining extra play time, a non-uniform day or even the Year 6 Movie Experience - with added popcorn!

This half term we are also welcoming a new teacher to the Year 6 team. Mr Vickery will be mainly working with Mrs Waddington in Moonstone, but will also be helping out across the whole of Upper Key Stage 2.

In maths we will be learning: perimeter, area and volume; graphs and averages; position, movement and symmetry; algebra; and geometry. In Science we are studying Evolution and Inheritance, and in English and Geography we are continuing with our South America topic. We will be finding out about Rio de Janeiro, Paraguay and the celebration of Carnival - we’ll even be designing and making our own Carnival masks!



Spring 1

Year 6 have come back brilliantly. New Year, New Resolutions – to be the best we can possibly be. They continue to work hard to follow the school rules of Safe, Ready and Respect, setting the example to the lower years and becoming increasingly ready for secondary school and the independence and responsibility that comes with that.

Our new topic will be South America where we will be looking at the geographical features of this continent, earthquakes and volcanoes. In science we will study the circulatory system and healthy lifestyles.

In English, we will explore different levels of formality in our writing, read “Skellig” by David Almond and have a big push on extending and improving our vocabulary.

Maths will focus on ratio and proportion, as well as continuing to push our arithmetic and times table skills.

PE will see us take part in games and develop our skills further with the help of Premier Sports Coaching.

Thank you for your continued support.




Autumn 2

Year 6 have kept up their super start to the year, and are cracking on with setting a Safe, Ready and Respectful example for the younger children to follow. Our topic this half-term is the Second World War. We’ve already enjoyed making periscopes, peg planes and rationing cookies, and soon we will be learning about the important role of Bournemouth and the South Coast in the war. We’ve written stories based around the moving animation “The Piano”, and are looking forward to learning about War Poetry and evacuee letters. As our class text, we are reading “Goodnight Mister Tom” by Michelle Magorian, the story of a young boy evacuated from London to the countryside, and his friendship with the old man who takes him in. We are learning about Light in science and in Maths we are tackling Time and Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.

Last but by no means least, don’t forget our PE unit...World War 2 dance! Anyone for the Lambeth walk or Lindy Hop?




Being the first Jewell Academy Year 6 is a great responsibility, but our Moonstone and Sunstone trail-blazers have had a fantastic start to the year! Everyone came back well-rested and raring to go, and the children are already showing themselves to be excellent Year 6 role models for the rest of the school.

We’ve already enjoyed a trip to Corfe Castle as part of our English Civil War topic, and are starting to get our teeth into the action-packed “the Highwayman” poem.  In Maths we’re having a big push on the four calculations and making sure everyone is quick and accurate with the times tables. We’ve produced some stunning artwork in the style of the Indian artist Sayed Haider Raza and are looking forward to learning about classifying animals and plants in science - not to mention working with visiting scientists in Science week at the end of the half term!