Jewell Academy will be hosting the first AGM of the new PTA on Thursday 24th October 2019 at 3.30pm until 4.30pm. We will be electing the following positions on the committee:


The Chair

Main duty: To have the final say on PTA decisions.
Key jobs: To make all committee members feel welcome and valued; to set the PTA agenda; to provide leadership; to co-write the annual PTA report.
Needs to be: Enthusiastic, calm; good at listening; decisive.

The Deputy

Main duty: To support the work of the PTA Chair.
Key jobs: To step in for the Chair when the Chair is absent; to work with the Chair to see the PTA runs smoothly and communicates well.
Needs to be: Supportive, enthusiastic; energetic; organised.

The Treasurer

Main duty: To oversee the PTA’s financial affairs.
Key jobs: To manage accounts; do banking and maintain up-to-date financial records.
Needs to be: Reliable; organised; good with numbers.

The Secretary

Main duty: To keep up-to-date records of PTA activity.
Key jobs: To organise PTA meetings; to prepare and distribute agendas and minutes; to build strong relationships with key school staff – including the office staff and caretakers.
Needs to be: Organised; good at time management and friendly.

The Comms Agent

Main duty: To publicise PTA events and activities.
Key jobs: To get to know as many parents as possible; to promote and communicate what’s going on; to enthuse other parents about what’s going on.
Needs to be: Friendly; creative; good at writing.

The Class Rep

Main duty: To support the parents in their class.
Key jobs: To organise class coffees, answer parent questions, send out weekly reminders to parents.
Needs to be: Be social and read the school newsletters.

If you are interested in any of these positions or just want to come along and find out more about how you can become involved then please attend. Please be prepared to have a second person to second your nominations, Mrs Kuhr has agreed to second any that struggle with this. A ballot box will be available in the office for you to cast your vote by Friday 18th October.

The first event that the PTA will be looking to put on will be a light party on 8th November, more details to follow.

We look forward to seeing you there, please check back to this page for regular updates.