Education at Jewell Academy Bournemouth

What kind of education will Jewell Academy Bournemouth deliver?

The primary school years lay the foundation for learning. During these formative years we want to build the child’s confidence, self-worth and desire to learn and expose them to different aspects of learning. We strive to ensure that all children are healthy, safe and resilient and that they develop the ability and curiosity to learn. Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that we provide helps them to fulfil their potential. We hope that you will be excited about the opportunity for your child to be part of the outstanding education that will be provided by Jewell Academy Bournemouth.

Our Eight Conditions of Learning

Our Eight Conditions of Learning are at the core of our curriculum and all eight conditions are evident throughout the school year. We do however teach discrete lessons each half term related to a particular condition as shown below. Assemblies and Friday aspiration time also offer our pupils the opportunity to reflect and explore each condition in more detail.

Autumn 1-Belonging/Confidence to Take Action

Autumn 2-Heroes

Spring 1-Spirit of Adventure

Spring 2-Curiosity and Creativity

Summer 1-Leadership and Responsibility

Summer 2-Sense of Accomplishment/ Fun and Excitement



Jewell Academy Bournemouth is an outstanding school with:

  • A relevant,engaging and applied curriculum – a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, but also a broad coverage of other subjects taught within an aspirations framework. Literacy and numeracy will be taught both discretely and through an integrated programme each day.
  • High quality teaching and learning – all teachers are expected to work towards being outstanding practitioners.
  • High standards, high expectations, high aspirations – appearance, behaviour and attitudes are key priorities.
  • Achievement – Jewell Academy Bournemouth works towards high levels of achievement and goes beyond expectations.
  • Aspirations culture – the three Guiding Principles are alive in the culture of Jewell Academy Bournemouth.

Our curriculum weaves together the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum (2014) and the principles of our Aspirations philosophy: Self worth; Engagement and Sense of Purpose.

Below are some useful websites to support your child at home. If you would like more tailored websites for areas of the curriculum, please check the English, Maths, Science or Foundation Subject pages.

BBC Bitesize- (online educational resources and activities to support learning across a range of subjects) (links to a range of different sites offering resources and activities for a range of different subjects across the primary age range.) (website with educational games for different subjects)