Jewell Academy is delighted to have received a clean sweep from Ofsted, being rated as outstanding in all areas, a remarkable achievement for a brand new school which opened less than two years ago.

The report praised all aspects of Jewell Academy, noting that ‘pupils demonstrate a genuine thirst for knowledge and a deep love of learning, both of which the academy nurtures very well.’ Pupil’s behaviour was also highlighted – ‘Pupils behave extremely well towards one another. They are very friendly, respectful and attentive towards one another.’

Claire Addis, Principal of Jewell Academy is very proud of the whole Jewell community – ‘This result is a fantastic reflection of just how hard our staff and pupils work, and I am particularly proud of Ofsted’s comments regarding the exceptional progress all our pupils make, and their fantastic friendliness and behaviour. We have been warmly welcomed by the local community and have fantastic support from our parents so we are delighted that we are providing an outstanding education for all our pupils. However, this is just the beginning of our journey and we will continue to do everything we can to improve and develop the opportunities we provide to ensure that our pupils have the highest of aspirations about their future, and the skills to achieve those dreams.’

Ofsted also commented on the rapid progress made by all pupils, including the most able, reporting that they ‘offer pupils of different abilities work that is well matched to their needs’ and ‘teach with an enthusiasm that rubs off on their pupils’.

The Early Years provision was praised highly – ‘The academy’s early year’s provision is excellent. Children learn extremely well as a result of highly effective teaching and very good use of the indoor and outdoor classrooms’, and Jewell Academy will be building on this by opening a pre-school in September 2015.

A hidden gem, nestled into the heart of the Townsend community, you hardly know Jewell Academy is there until you enter the gates. Then a magnificent and inviting modern building appears in front of you, with a glimpse of the magical storytelling area and lush green field surrounded by numerous trees beyond.

And the surprises don’t stop once you get inside. A bright and inviting reception area welcomes you into the pristine, spacious and vibrant facilities. As you walk the corridors, you see happy, engaged children taking part in a wide range of activities. Ofsted noted how the ‘pupils focus on their work very well and are often utterly absorbed by it’.

Jewell Academy is part of the Aspirations Academies Trust south coast district, along with Magna Academy and Ocean Academy. Magna Academy also recently received the grading of outstanding in all areas, and the ‘Aspirations’ style of education is rapidly becoming highly sought after by parents in Bournemouth and Poole.

A copy of the report can be found here.

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